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Pledged or bound to a certain course or policy, dedicated

We understand one thing, Our clients.
We are totally committed and
answerable to our clients with their
objectives first. We work hard, but we
have fun doing it!



Having, showing or caused by strong feelings or belief

We get excited by our clients and
their objectives. We are excited about
what we can achieve. We will deliver
excellent work that exceeds



Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something

As a creative team, we are an
enthusiastic, unstoppable workforce
creating solutions for our clients.
Individually we are architects,
conceptualisers and environment
designers who reshape space. We
have an award to prove it!



Free from outside control: Not subject to another’s authority

Projex is an independent company,
leaving us free from corporate
involvement and bureaucracy, to
make our own decisions for the good
of our clients and our business.



Having gained knowledge or skill in a particular field over time

We believe the commodity is simply
TIME! We really do know what we
are doing and we can demonstrate it.

  • Exhibitions

    Projex create exhibitions that have impact, as we understand clients objectives enabling us to create brand experiences. We are experts at exhibition design through our creativity and delivery.

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  • Events

    We design, manage and deliver memorable events for the most demanding clients who know what they want, we understand and deliver beyond their expectations through our experience and commitment.

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  • Environments

    Successfully delivering environments of changing spaces for clients that continue to challenge our knowledge and experience, time after time.

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Selected Clients

Our clients are our most valuable commodity and we value all of them, their brand, their values, their projects and their objectives, and most importantly their people.