Emotions! Children’s Museum,
Louvre Abu Dhabi

How do you introduce children to explore their emotions through art?

Projex was awarded by Louvre Abu Dhabi to create and build an experiential design to manifest the Art and Emotions for the Children's Museum.

Client: Children’s Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi
Event: Emotions! The New Art Adventure
Date: 2021
Venue: Louvre Abu Dhabi

The project was to last 18 months and the scope included a full design from conceptualizing to development then delivery and fit-out.

The challenge was to bridge three floors of the Museum and retain the design notion intact through scenography and interactive activities.

After extensive research into Emotions in art and colour theories, we created a captivating scenographic experience for children that was robustly built to tell the story of Art through colours and shapes.

We provided a scientific-based rationale associated with intellectual theories to justify the design concept and how it fits the Art Exhibition.

This rationale was put through rigorous auditing through various stakeholders including the Scientific Research Department of Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The concept was based on four emotions that children engage with: Joy, Sadness, Fear, and Anger.

Each Emotion was represented by an individual area on the ground floor which displayed art pieces for each area and was supported by multimedia that related to that specific emotion and individual art piece.

The interactive rainbow connects the ground floor with the first floor and fades into a cloud feature on the ceiling leading the children to Above the Clouds zone.

This area allows kids to interact and engage in physical activities such as sketching, sculpturing and exploring emotions through music. With an opportunity to showcase art on the wall of fame, the journey of learning about emotions concludes at this level.

A thematic staircase steers the children to the lower ground floor, where they unleash their emotion by participating in interactive games, relaxation activities and expressing emotion through the acting game in the garden of emotions. Additional Interactive activity helps to release the anger, and the tree of emotions provides the opportunity of leaving their mark by putting their notes on the leaf.

A sensor-based interactive rainbow light feature of the tunnel at the end of the journey receives the children, takes them through the rainbow’s spectrum, and finishes the journey with a memorable ending.

Our interactive partners Mosquito and Kraftwerk developed the interactive content and provided the hardware solutions, and the combined team drew on their strengths in delivering this exciting and extraordinary experience to life for children of all ages.

We would like to thank Louvre Abu Dhabi for giving us this opportunity and wish them all the success in the coming months with this exhibition.