Earthen Architecture Exhibition, Al Jahili Fort

How do you underline the relevance of earthen buildings to the architectural heritage of the UAE?

Projex was commissioned to rebuild the Earthen Architecture Exhibition in Al Jahili Fort, which highlights the traditional techniques of earthen buildings.

Client: DCT, Al Ain
Event: Earthen Architecture Exhibition
Date: 2021
Venue: Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain

The exhibition provides visitors of all ages with the opportunity to learn about these impressive architectural techniques, through showcasing the restoration projects that Al Jahili Fort has undergone previously.

These restoration efforts were recognized with the prestigious Terra Award, for the ‘Best Earthen Architecture’ category in 2016.

Projex built a glass showcase to present the award to visitors while protecting it from the natural elements.

The exhibition was constructed inside the Temporary Exhibition hall within the Jahili Fort Visitor Centre.

The space is divided into five connected Walls; Wall 1 the introduction to Earthen Architecture from around the world, Zone 2 the historic Earthen Building of Abu Dhabi which includes the historic sites in Al Ain, Wall 3 the rehabilitation of Jahili Fort, Wall 4 the innovative cooling system and the prestigious Terra Award and finally Wall 4 a contemporary cover on Earthen Architecture from around the world.

The exhibition is supported by detailed miniature models of some of the Earthen Architecture Buildings in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition provides a guided virtual tour for visitors to learn more about this experience remotely. A documentary that tells the restoration journey of Al Jahili Fort and other Earthen Architecture Buildings in the UAE.