ENOC, Dubai Airshow

How do you raise the perception of a market leader?

Projex designed and built ENOC’s semi permanent hospitality Pavilion at the Dubai Airshow 2019.

Client: ENOC
Event: Dubai Airshow
Date: 2019 - 2021
Venue: DWC, Dubai

The classic pavilion was a stunning, future-facing construction that embodied ENOC’s brand language.

The build is designed to be featured at three Airshows over a five year period.

The exterior of the building has a bold, sweeping curved facade with integrated viewing balcony which helped achieve an imposing presence for ENOC at the Airshow.

The design language of the structure echoed the future facing qualities of the brand with a circular central ceiling feature dominating the open main space.

A highly reflective floor surface, warm natural woods and minimal architectural finishes created an inviting hospitality environment.