House of Artisans

How do you celebrate the creative and artistic people of the United Arab Emirates?

Projex was awarded the
build of the
House of Artisans
a permanent exhibition that is located at the historical site
of Al Hosn.

Client: Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi
Event: House of Artisans
Date: 2021
Venue: Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi

The exhibition is constructed inside the visitor’s centre and is divided into three separate zones.

Zone one is the introduction area and an insight into the exhibition, Zone two is the handicrafts going into detail about the various crafts, including Sadu, Tali and Khoos and finally zone three is Crafts a contemporary history.

In the centre of the exhibition is the crafts area that is represented by four large structures that are themed on Emirati weaved baskets that were traditionally used in various walks of life.

Each structure is built up to 6 metres in height and within each one is its own craft. The structure is open in its design and build that allowed the visitor to go inside and learn more about that craft.

As part of the exhibition, local Artisans are in each pavilion performing live demonstrations of their craft.

Each craft is supported by its own immersive media experience that allows the visitor to educate themselves on the craft and its importance to the community.

Next to the four large structures is a smaller one that housed the Bait Al Gahwa, a traditional method for the preparation and making of coffee.

The exhibition is supported by a large multimedia presentation against the large back wall that went into detail about the history and importance of these crafts in the UAE.

On the opposite wall, there is the Universe of Crafts.

This wall consists of an impressive diversity of Emirati crafts neatly arranged to cover the entire wall of over 40 metres in length and 6 metres in height. The wall with its variety of colours and shapes provides an aesthetic picture that tells a story of the culture.

To support the exhibition at the entrance is a shop constructed from traditional materials and an area where the visitor can purchase items related to the various methods of crafts displayed.