Manga Lab, Louvre Abu Dhabi

How do you attract teenagers to the Louvre?

The Louvre approached Projex to design their first ever dedicated space for teenagers and young adults.

The space was treated as an offshoot to
their exhibition, Japanese Connections:
The Birth of Modern Décor.

Client: Louvre Abu Dhabi
Event: Manga Lab
Date: 2018
Venue: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Projex’s original brief was to create a creative, social zone within a relatively small space.

As the project unfolded and exciting ideas were shared, the dedicated space became larger and more prominent – an open, fun place dedicated to the popular Japanese comic art of Manga.

The gaming zone had a series of retro arcade games, giving tech-savvy teenagers a chance to try their hand at old school consoles.

Visitors could express their own views on a graffiti wall and there were Manga themed creative workshops, including designing a Manga t-shirt and writing a comic.

Young people could be found reading Manga comics in a chill-out zone.

They had the opportunity to walk
through Japanese paintings from
the main exhibition in an immersive
and awe-inspiring VR experience.