The Government Summit

How do you create the government of the future?

The Government Summit’s purpose is visionary – to shape future governments.

The historic three-day summit addressing the intersection of design, technology, environment, health and education was held at Dubai’s Madinat Jumeriah and attended by global dignitaries, leaders and experts.

Client: Publicis Live
Event: The Government Summit
Date: 2016
Venue: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

For the third consecutive year Projex helped to realise, support and deliver this important event.

The installation on an island in the Madinat Jumeirah waterways introduced visitors to an AI powered living building.

To help visitors to understand the power and potential of AI, a series of questions were asked.

Can it be creative?
Can it be helpful?
Can it go wrong?
What is our shared future?

The prestigious summit began with a televised address by the United States President, Barack Obama.

Thought-provoking spaces at the summit included The Edge of Government, a new addition highlighting future technology, and The Future Museum’s Machinic Life, an exhibition exploring how humans will interact with robotics and technology in the future.

The summit’s remit was ambitious and visionary, and we were proud to deliver spaces to match.