Qasr Al Hosn

How do you restore Abu Dhabi’s oldest and most iconic building?

Qasr al Hosn is the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi, symbolising the city’s growth, values and government.

Client: People Creative
Event: Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition
Date: 2016
Venue: Qasr Al Hosn Visitors Centre, Abu Dhabi

Much of the city’s history has taken place here – expectations were high.

In 2018, after more than eleven years of conservation and restoration work, it was transformed into a museum, with displays of artefacts and archival materials dating back to as far as 6000 BC.

This was a project of great national significance. It was essential that restoration was sensitive, and that design and production were exceptional.

With a strong creative and fabrication team working on the project from the get go, we could think on our feet and find innovative solutions to problems quickly.

Our dedicated team of experienced designers, project managers and account directors worked in tandem with DCT to deliver this iconic national project.

The project included the Al Hosn Palace, the National Consultative Council, the Cultural Foundation and the House of Artisans. Projex worked alongside a team of international museum and build contractors to fabricate and install permanent galleries and interactives, temporary exhibition features, interior environments, signage and graphics.

The renovated fort brings the city’s past to life.

We were asked to enhance the House of Artisans exhibition by designing a digital display piece for the traditional sadu weaving exhibit. Our bespoke animation with a mirrored surround viewing portal amplifies the weaving patterns to create a kaleidoscope effect.