DCT, Qasr Al Hosn Welcome Centre

How do you welcome travellers to experience Abu Dhabi Culture?

Projex were asked to design and build the Welcome Centre at the newly transformed Qasr Al Hosn.

Client: Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi
Event: Qasr Al Hosn Welcome Centre
Date: 2019
Venue: Cultural Foundation Building, Abu Dhabi

The Welcome Centre is situated within the Cultural Foundation Building.

A modern heritage landmark registered as one of Abu Dhabi’s cherished cultural heritage resources.

The Welcome Centre consists of a general information point and ticket sales.

It also has a retail area and displays, casual seating throughout, traditional Oud display room and a cafe.

The design language and material finish pays tribute to the architecture of the Cultural Foundation Building.

The Cultural Foundation courtyard arches inspired the retail display units and interior design features throughout.

The celebrated and iconic glazed tiles were integrated into the reception desk.

Natural materials of rope, woods and traditional khos weaving were utilised alongside the original concrete of the building to create a contemporary and welcoming environment.

Projex collaborated with 'Wild & the Moon' to create a lively cafe offering.

The cafe is situated within the Welcome Centre but is beautifully incorporated into the overall aesthetic of natural materials and urban concretes to create a seamless offering.