Seera, ATM

How do you open up the opportunity of travel?

The Al Tayyar Travel Group was re-imagined as Seera launching at ATM, 2019.

The narrative of the stand design was ‘A Time for a New Dawn’.

Client: Seera
Event: Arabian Travel Market
Date: 2019
Venue: DWTC, Dubai

Central to the stand design was a suspended ‘sun’ that subtlety changed colour throughout the day.

The changing colours of the sun were reflected in the stand landscape, creating an ever changing ambience.

An amphitheatre style seating area allowing guests and passers-by to dwell and gaze at the sun, creating key Instagram moments. 

Seated amongst the steps were mannequins that represent individual travel stories. This quirky feature encouraged passers-by to sit and listen to clips of stories and brand messages.

Integrated into the stand design were choreographed dynamic content displayed on wrap-around LED screens created eye-catching brand messaging.

The various sub brands of the company are demonstrated through inventive digital interactives that work in conjunction with the landscape setting.  

Dedicated Majlis and hospitality areas catered for official and casual meetings throughout the day.