Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

How do you stand out in the world’s largest museum?

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre is a cultural complex in Kuwait, with a total exhibit space of 22,000m² - the largest museum project in the world.

Client: AGI/BECK Interiors
Event: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre
Date: 2018
Venue: Kuwait

It is a celebration of the scientific and cultural achievements of mankind, and the scale and shapes of the buildings evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

Projex were approached to develop and realise the designs of five unique galleries by AGI and Beck Interiors.

The setworks, conceptualised by London based Cultural Innovations, are modular, supporting a key interactive piece where the public can either learn from a particular subject or interact physically.

In a huge, high concept museum, it was important these spaces stood out and grabbed visitors’ attention.

We created detailed shop drawings and a series of physical mock-ups, before building all of these unique pieces to a high standard in our facilities in Dubai and shipping them
to Kuwait.

All of the bespoke exhibits we created had to be robust and precisely engineered.

We created a 7-metre high cross-sectioned dhow boat from timber and steel for the Transport Gallery.

For the Healthy Living space, we constructed a series of physical interactives out of steel and corian.

These included Race Against Usain Bolt
(a spring test in front of an interactive
screen of Bolt) and Radiating Pulse,
a series of burnished steel rings.