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SAASC Kuwait

Projex was awarded the set works in five unique galleries by Al Ghanim International and BECK Interiors, who were the main contractor and Master consultants of the project.

These five galleries included Innovate, Natural Defenses, Healthy Living, News and Views and a large Dhow boat construction in the Transport gallery.

The set work pieces were designed by Cultural Innovations, a London based design company. They were designed to be modular and to support a key interactive piece where the public can educate themselves by gaining in depth knowledge on a particular subject or interact physically in a sports type activation.

  • Client: AGI/BECK Interiors
  • Event: Sheikh Abdulla Al Salam Cultural Centre (SAASC)
  • Date: March 2018
  • Venue: Kuwait


Our scope of work was to initially interact with the designers at Cultural innovations and BECK project management in interpreting the design drawings to detailed shop drawings and creating physical mock ups through a series of staged sign offs by the client.

From there our role was to then create all the pieces in our facilities in Dubai, UAE and then ship to Kuwait for final installation in the World’s largest Museum.

The set work pieces we created were constructed from several materials but mainly, steel, aluminium, corian, powder coated and spray painted finishes. All pieces were of a high standard as you would expect for a permanent museum environment.

The highlight pieces were a construction of a cross sectioned conceptual dhow boat made from timbers and steel. This piece was over 7 metres high and 12 metres long and was included within the Transport Gallery.

In Healthy Living there were a series of physical challenged in a circular theme made from steel and corian. There were several key pieces including Race against Usain Bolt, a sprint test against a interactive screen displaying Usain Bolt. There was also a large central piece called Radiating Pulse, which was a series of rings made of brushed steel reducing in size along the gallery.