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Done Events

In the heart of Dubai, adjacent to Business Bay, a new district, dedicated to design was launched – Meet D3. The 3 day community event introduced the world to Dubai’s new cutting-edge design district which houses fashion, luxury, art and design. The 30,000 visitors; a mixture of creatives, families, officials, food lovers, music enthusiasts and fashionistas were treated to a culturally rich experience full of inspiration from regional and international creative talents.

Projex were commissioned by ‘Done Events’ to build the designs of regional artists for the specific areas for the Meet D3 Launch.

  • Client: Done Events
  • Event: Meet D3
  • Date: 02-04 April 2015
  • Venue: Dubai Design District, D3


FAUX Pop-Up Shop
Projex built a 14m x 14m Pop-Up Shop for Faux Consultancy, the leading agency for emerging talent, for them to showcase their diverse portfolio of regional brands from prominent designers in the Middle East. A unique fashion installation was erected to reveal the latest collections from 15 brands.

Bompas and Par Chewing Gum Factory
Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bompas and Parr designed and Projex built a 10m by 10m artisanal chewing gum factory. The culinary design experience, where over 40,000 flavours of gum could be produced, turned chewing gum into an art. Bompas and Parr were determined to ensure this factory was far beyond their prototype in the UK. The result was an epic installation, both bright and bold, with state of the art design and shapes.


Projex were responsible for building and installing 2 metal outlined boxes, covered in acrylic and containing giant 4 meter trendy spades, also built by Projex. The look added to the artistic atmosphere of the event and the spades were a much talked about topic!

Projex were asked to build and install simple and clean boxes with glass windows to display local dresses from the past to the future, containing information on how the local dress has evolved in the Middle East.

Projex were also responsible for the build of 7 small but bright and artistic F&B stands as well as the ever useful information stands.