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Eco Centre Al Ain

The Al Ain Oasis has recently been opened as the UAE’s first world heritage site and is one of the worlds oldest permanently inhabited settlements that dates back over 4000 years.

Projex was asked by the Crown Prince Court and consultancy by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority to build an Eco Centre which would act as the main architectural building in the areas that have been developed for the public.

The design and concept was by by Mr Pietro Laureano who is the founder and CEO of IPOGEA the research and knowledge centre.

  • Client: Crown Prince Court / Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
  • Event: Eco Centre
  • Date: Permanent Structure completed December 21016
  • Venue: Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain, UAE.


The Structure is 18 × 5 metres with a height of 6 metres and is constructed from steel and a multi layered, multi coloured metal frame outer panel and the design represents the look and feel you would see within a lush oasis.

The main purpose of the centre is to provide an educational and learning process as you arrive at the oasis.

The theme inside, which was fabricated, constructed and installed by Projex and designed by Italian interactive design agency ETT based in Rome, is based largely on interactive screens and projection that provides an insight into the origins of the oasis, the purpose and functionality of the oasis and the history of the region and families.

We wish the Al Ain region and the UAE every success with this new area for the public to provide an important history of not only the origins and workings of an oasis but also the rich heritage of the country and its people, and are thrilled to have been appointed on a project of such importance.